Friends of the OMS


The OMS is a physician-only, member based organization comprised of 300+ physicians in Ouachita parish. The OMSA or Ouachita Medical Society Alliance is comprised of these physician’s spouses. Established in the late 1800’s, the Ouachita Medical Society continues to be a organization dedicated to the ideal of a community that is mutually beneficial to physicians and their patients. The society commits itself to these goals:

  1. To pursue and maintain access to quality medical care.
  2. To promote public education on health issues.
  3. To provide value to members by the representation of member physicians and assistance in the practice of medicine.


In an effort to boost the value of membership for our doctors and their spouses, local businesses and organizations partner with the OMS to become a “friend of the medical society”. In exchange for discounted rates on products or services for our members, you would be listed on all of our promotional material, our biannual publication, our website and have special recognition at meetings and events as a Friend of the Ouachita Medical Society.


This mutually beneficial partnership allows members of the Ouachita Medical Society to see tangible value for their membership. Each member receives a unique membership card that lists the Friends of the OMS. They carry this card as identification of their association with the OMS and OMSA. This constant reminder of your company’s support encourages them to do business with you and also maintain their active membership status with the OMS.


This program offers you the best type of marketing-full cooperative exposure to your target market, with no upfront costs. Because this is a “friendly” program you would be the only business of your type offering your products or services. That means if three similar businesses apply for the program, the OMS will accept the one application that offers the greatest benefit. Each application is considered on the basis of the benefit they offer to provide our members. So in addition to being a “Friend of the OMS” you would do so with no direct competition.


Any discount or special offer you can provide specifically for OMS & OMSA members would qualify for your application to be considered for the program. The terms of this agreement would be valid for one calendar year; At which time, reapplication into the program is required. Permission to use your company’s name and logo on our promotional material is required. Acceptance into this program does not constitute specific product or service endorsement by the OMS or OMSA.